Nick Giardino was born in Rocca San Giovanni Italy in a village of 2000 inhabitants along the beautiful southern Adriatic coastline. At the age of 14 he started apprenticing in his aunt's salon. At the age of 16 he continued his education while living in Rome. He returned to Canada and opened his 1st salon at the age of 19. After a very successful 3 years, Nick wanted to look for a new challenge where he found himself moving to London England and trained at Sanrizz in Knightsbridge, one of London's Prestigious salons, under the watchful eye of Tony Rizzo one of hairdressing's leading icons.

He Continued his education in Los Angeles, New York and Europe while collaborating with top artists, photographers, models and makeup artist resulting in Nick's work showcased in numerous international beauty and fashion magazines. Nick's unique approach to looking at hair is based on shadow and light, to create subtly carved shapes to reflect the unique bone structure of each individual allowing the hair to fall naturally and harmoniously creating a work of art.

At the foundation of Nick's method lies the ability of listening, allowing him to capture and reveal the personal beauty of every woman taking inton acount her culture and desires. The consultation process focuses on individuality, lifestyle and exceptional product knowledge that maximizes healthy beautiful hair.